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Measuring Plant Lighting In Lumens?


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I was in need for some better lighting for my plants than the light that came with my tank so I went to nnnnnn yestorday in search of flourescent bulbs. They had only 15 Watt bulbs in the size that I need (18in). They did however have a few different types of 15 Watt bulbs (for various applications around the house); one bulb I found was marked for aquariums and plants. But, this 15 Watt plant lightbulb output about 450 lumens while a kitchen 15 Watt bulb output 940 lumens. I purchased the kitchen bulb with the understanding that the number of lumens measures the brightness of the light.

I have a 20 gal tank and I know that everyone says 2-3 Watts per gal but does anyone know how many lumens would be good enough for healthy plants? Does brightness have anything to do with the amount of energy output? I know watts are defines as energy per second.


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