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Sick Goldfish

Guest littlefish13

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Guest littlefish13


Kinds new to the online thing

but I've had fish in my house since I was little

nothing ever too fancy just simple goldfish

I never could get anything else to live in there

a year or so ago my big brother bought me a fifty five gallon aquarium. My surviving fish family includes a large fan tail calico and large fan tail goldfish a small femal gold fish(3" long) a sucker fish and a black moor. My large gold fish over the past couple of weeks has been loosing scales bad there are like big spots of scales all along his sides where there aren't any scales and few days ago there was a big spot of blood on his tail I've noticed also that his fins have been raveling or splitting and he's been acting irratically swimming virtically non-stop like he's grasping for surface air or something and he's never done this before......I've had him since he was less then and inch long and now he's huge.....my aquarium just wouldn't be the same without him.......Also my black moor might have swim blatter He floats alot towards the top of the water usually tail up in fact he sometimes sleeps that way today I noticed that he was floating up side down and at first I thought he was dead but when I touched him just a little bit he flipped over and started swimming down......I have one definatly sick fish and one possibly sick fish......I've never encountered these problems before and I haven't the faintest clue how to deal with it....please Iknow there are alot of smarter fish people then I about these things and I would really use with anyones experise on this I really don't want to loose my fish


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Guest Chishower


I think your new tank is cycling, here is a link about that.

Click to read about cycling

Now, what kind of algea eater? I suspect he could be behind some of this damage. You could put him back in the old tank for a time to see if the damage stops.

Now, to treat fishy. Start by salting his tank. One teaspoon of rock/aquarium/canning/kosher salt per gallon of tank water. (do not use table salt). Repeat this 12 hours after the first dose, and then a third time after another 12 hours. That will bring your tank up to .3% salt. Remember to predisolve any and all salt out of the tank.

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I'm wondering what kind of algae eater you have. A common pleco by any chance? That would make a LOT of sense as to why your fish has missing scales, a bloody spot on his tail. Watch your algae eater closely.

Also, test your ammonia levels and nitrite levels in the water. If you don't have a kit, they're pretty cheap, like a 5-in-1 mardel test strip kit or something. I'm dealing with a lot of crud with my tank as well, and it's due to nitrites and ammonia. That would explain the gasping for air, my fish were doing that as well. I'd recommend a big water change, say 50% or so, and salt the tank like chishower says.

When my fish started the whole floating upside down thing, I took a 1 gal container, put 1/4 cup of aquarium salt and water/slime coat conditioners and did a one hour treatment. Over the course of an hour (every 20 minutes or so) I'd put my fish in the salt water for about 2-4 minutes, then put him back in the tank. It was a total of 3 dippings in an hour. 2 days of that turned him back over. I was scared to do it though, it seems really stressful, but it worked. Just make sure that if the fish shows any sign of distress after about 30 seconds, take him out immedietely.

Definately though, test your water. It sounds like nitrites and ammonia which can lead to some nasty things that I'm going through. Post back with your water params.

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