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Blistery Bubble Thing And Red Fins

Guest heyboova

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Guest heyboova


its hard to see there, but that spot on its tail is a big bubble looking thing,

it looks pretty bad, a couple fins also have red streaks in them,

I've been having problems with him for a while, with little white bumps,

those went away, came back a little, and now after coming back from being home for a few days he looks like that.

water conditions are all 0.

im transfering him to a hospital tank, im wondering how to treat,

should i salt and melafix or does he need something more?

i was thinking about doing a HP swab tonight to start off..

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That is really odd, it does look just like a blister. Could he have injured his tail somehow? got it caught in something? I think a HP swab would be a good start as it is topical and it may not be necessary to medicate the water.

Is your fish showing any unusual behaviours? It would be helpful if you could answer as many questions from the red box questionaire above.

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Guest heyboova

its a 55 gallon,

two biowheel filters both with extra media baskets with foam and bioglass,

water params are zero for everything,

there is one other goldfish in there,

no new fish or plants,

they usually eat hikari lionhead food, peas, seaweed, I use to feed them gel food, but im out.

there is a bubbling clam, maybe he could have got his tail caught on that if thats what it is,

should i just do the hp swab, salt the tank, and wait?

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Guest heyboova

it could have been like that for a few days for all i know,

it still seems like a weird spot to get caught in the clam,

do you know if sea salt is okay to use?

im out of aquarium salt, and i couldnt find any canning salt at my wegmans,

i guess ill have to go to the pet store tomorrow

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