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I Really Need Some Help & Advice.

Guest JimmyJoe

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Guest JimmyJoe


Im really worried about one of the goldfish we have, as he his eye on the right side has seemed to have frosted over, and his left eye has some kind of lump growing on it. Im not responsible for keeping the fish as there my mums fish more than mine, but i feel bad for the fish as i don't think it can see out of the right eye, and only a little out of the left. Im thinking if it can not be cured to place it in a freezer bag and placing it in the freezer.

Ive taken a photo of it the best i could.

The goldfish is more than three years old.



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Hi there JimmyJoe and :welcome

The filmy growth on his eyes looks like it may be bacterial- i've seen something similar first hand as I have a fish that went through roughly the same thing. She had a growth over one eye and the other eye went real cloudy.

So where to start?

- What are your water parameters? Ie. ammonia, nitrites, nitrates and ph?

- How often do you do waterchanges?

- Do you use a dechlorinator?

- How big is the tank?

- What kind of filtration are you using?

- Any new fish/plants added recently?

- Any sharp objects in the tank?

Where abouts do you live? If you are in the States, you should be able to get some medicated food (bacterial, not parasitic) ie. Medigold that should help. But the first thing that will help is perfect water.

So if you could give a little more information, it will help narrow down possible causes :)

PS I don't think he's ready for the freezer, as things like this are usually treatable :)

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