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Yeah My Fish Is Breeding Again


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its so cool

my fantails are breeding again

its spring in sydney and this is the second time they

are breeding this season!

last year the y must of breed 7+ times

it t be something in the water

i was wondering if anyone else tried putting their hand in the water

and getting eggs attached to your hand

it happened to me when i thought the fantail was stuck

on the corner of the pond.

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only a hand full survived

they got wiped out recently :cry1 when my cousin decided to add

his fish in my pond because he went on holidays

there was no where else to put them i guess

however he did compensate me :P

to add to this, some of them were also

eaten by the koi, hes always lurking around

waiting for the frys to swim out of the protected area

no worries with the rate their breeding im laughing


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