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Ph Crash?

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My Ph was high but in the past week has dropped to 6.4. I am freaking out. I took my snail out, he's in a bucket right now with some seashells (bivalves, that I boiled and cleaned) will this be enough to raise the calcium and hardness of the water? I put a few in the tank as well. My local pet store didn't have a calcium block for turtles (and were really rude in their ignorance). I can go across town to the better store and probably get something but not soon.

My tap water runs at about a 7, and I really want my Ph up around 8, which it was a couple of weeks ago. I did a few water changes and I'm guessing that's what caused the difference.

How can I treat my tap water to raise the Ph? Will the shells work? How fast? Should I put lots in? (I have 29 gallons)

I really like the snail, I don't want to lose him!

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