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New Betta!

Black oranda

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:D I got my new and first betta

he is a dark red and purpel and his tips

are like a metalic bule

his name is POI-POI *don't ask* lol i give odd names to

my fish

but his so cute for the 2 first days

he was kinda shy

but but now his all happy swimming around

in his new 5 gal

i think his alot happier then

being in a plastic bag at the pet shop

i added 2 3 floating plants *real* and he likes hideing

in the roots

I love seeing him all hapy

I think im going to get another one .. and put him in my 10 gal

i love betta fish there

easy to take

care of and all and his colors change since i bought him

there alot more flashy and pretty i think

his happy and it makes me happy to see him happy

Okay well you all know that im happy im going

to buy a camera and take pictures

okay well ill shut up now

:happydance and im going just about. . .. ...

now! :thud


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:lol: Glad you enjoy your new betta that much! They have quite fibrant colors once they get into a better environment! Its amazing how they can show their finnage if just given enough room!

Yes, I think pictures would be perfect right about.....NOW! :D

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