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Pics Of My Tank

Padda's pal

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Thanks people

more info: its a rio 240 which means it holds 240 litres

i kept the standard internal filter and heater and added a extra heater and a fluval 404 filter it also has a prizm protein skimmer and when started up i used live gravel and 4kg of live rock,

lighting is standard rio 240 lighting with up graded bulbs and added a extra light but my lighting is being upgraded again this month !!

and as for cost aready had tank but making it marine and residents has cost me approx ENGLISH ?500 i think thats about US $800 and CANADIN $ i havn't a clue ?

:ignore But don't tell the wife !!

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Guest RaceFaceR1

lol... I know it can get costly having a marine tank... i dont know how much I've spent... And dont feel like calcutating it :krazy: I'm sure it's in the couple of thousands of $... I would never tell her though :lol:

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