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New Lighting Fixtures


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just doing some searching and found this page about how to get higher light output for planted aquariums using new more cost effective bulbs.


The big advantage of compact fluorescent lamps is a very high light output for their physical size and energy consumption. A 55 watt CFL with the proper ballast can put out as much light as TWO standard 40 watt fluorescent bulbs, using of course much less electricity and taking up about half the space. They are particularly useful in heavily planted aquariums and reef tanks, where many hobbyists want as much light as they can squeeze in above the tank. In addition to high output and energy efficiency, a CFL may also have a longer useful bulb life, and throws much less heat than standard fluorescent, high output fluorescent, and especially metal halide lighting.

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Ya I use the compact fluorescent lights in my incandescent hood. It made all the difference int he world with heat, power and lighting. I will never go back! :D

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