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What Type Of Fancy Is My Fish?


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This is a disgrace I know, but I can't figure out what type of fancy my little Frizzy is.

He's golden and only about 1.5 inches so far. His tail isn't long and flowing like the Black Moor he shares the tank with, but it is split like it.....as in it's not like a common goldfish tail. I've looked at the photos page and he doesn't look like them. I tried to post a picture but couldn't figure it out.....how do I manage? I have no URL, my photos are kept in windows XP "images".

What are you Frizzy?!!

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Guest PetalFlower

Well Frizzy looks just like my Finnley. It's hard to tell from the photo, but are the edges of Frizzy's fins white also?

Finnley is supposed to be a fantail, but his tail is much shorter than his tankmate Xaiyou's tail, which is also supposed to be a fantail but has a shorter fatter body than Finnley.

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