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Guest henryay

I am seeing something on my fantail's tail. It's been there for a week now. At first, I thought it was fungus, now it looks like it has moved. The spot it was on is white. Is this a parasite? It is pretty visible. Can I just get some tweezers to pull it off?

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Hi henryay,

Are you sure it is a fish lice? Did you add something new to the tank?

Do they look like these?

http://www.edutain.com.au/fish/argulus.jpg or


If you are sure that it is a fish lice then you can remove it with a pair of tweezers. Give the spot(s) it was attached to an iodine or betadine swab. Keep the iodine from his eyes, mouth and gills.

P.S. treat the tank with something like Anchors Away. :)

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