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Rid-ich Medication Not Doing Good :(

Guest navi

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hello there everyone,

my goldies not doing good i had to move my two older goldys to a Ht as the smaller newbies were nibbling at the biggest one(LAddoo is his name)..so i moved him n his pal (CHUGLI) to HT.. i don't think rid ich is working laddo n two of the samller ones look really really bad... laddo looks like he has a case of bad fin rot.. .

i really would like to try the salt n heat n darkness method...but had a few question s since i just medicated the tanks the main and ht with rid ich.. so how do i get the medicine out n when should i start adding the salt.what else can i do to help laddoo n his pals heal faster.oh plus i tried vaccuming teh gravl but it looked like a swarm of white stuff infested my tank so i took teh whole gravel out n washed in hot water n removed all plants from both the tanks i replaced all water in both tanks..n added the garvel back the newbies seemed to have got new life but laddo n his bro rn't doing that good in the ht.. any suggestions id really appreciate it.

thaks again in advance


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Hi navi!!

Ok the first thing you need to do is run carbon in your filter for a full 24 hours. That will rid the tank of the medication. After that you can start to add the salt (do you know the dose?).

And slowly turn up the heat to 80 degrees. Make sure only 2 degrees an hour though.

During the treatment you want to vacuum everyday and readd the salt you remove with the water changes. You will want to treat a whole 7 days past seeing any ich on the fish.

Next we will need to know the params on the fish as well as the answers to all the other questions.

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