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Two Weeks Until We Move...i Think I Got It Down,


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Ok. WE are moving in 2 weeks to TX. It will be a 2 day drive, but once we get there we will not have a place to live yet, so we will still be in a hotel.

I have a 30-35ish gallon rubbermaid tub to transfer my goldfish in. They are all babies except lacy, my moor, which is a 2 year old adult. So all the others are pretty small.

So my plan is to put them all in this tub. We dont have any room for more tubs or bigger ones.

We will have another tub with gravel and filters so that they can stay wet with the bacteria still in it (hopefully).

We will have yet another small tub for our crayfish.

I couldnt find any battery operated air pumps so we are going to hook our normal ones up to an adapter that plugs into out cigg lighter outlet.

Im going to rig up a filter pad and put ammo chips in there to help with ammonia, and just place it in the water with the fish.

I may or may not change partial water daily. Im worried about pH's from different sources being different and causing shock so I think Ill just leave it until we get to the hotel.

Once at the hotel I plan on hooking up as many filters as I can to that tub so that my bacteria will stay alive and the water can be cleaned again.

I think Im going to fill the water up until about 4 inches from the top of the tub. I will keep the lid on the tub and drill a small hole in it for the air pump tub and another small hole so gases can air can escape.

So does anything about this seem wrong or am I missing something? Im sooo worried about moving all my fish!

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Everything sound OK, but 2 days is a long journey. Wow!!

A 30g tub is going to weigh lots. I'd be worried about moving it full of water because of the chance of buckling under the weight. Especially moving it to a hotel, etc. Perhaps 2 or 3 smaller containers would be more practical?

Good luck.

Slugger :)

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