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I have done this myself.It certainly works for a while,but then you have to seperate them. SOme people keep their Goldie tanks pretty warm,so that may not be the problem. The problems occur when you have small Goldfish,Betta's may nip at their fins.If you have large Goldies,then the Goldies may harass your Betta.Then there's the subject of food.My poor Betta never got much food while sharing the Goldie tank.I don't know how an 8 inch Goldie can even see Betta Bites,but she did! :thud I went the route of feeding on both sidfes of the tank for each type of fish,but it just doesn't work.Goldfish are pigs,plain and simple-if they smell food,they're on it. :rolleyes: The next factor is Filtration. If you have the correct size on your tanks for Goldies,then it is way too much for Betta's. Even with planted tanks,there's just too much current going around,and Betta's just aren't into current much.Not like that anyway. Going thru these things I've mentioned also put stress on my Betta-which can cause illness and is not a good thing.I'll leave it at that as to why you shouldn't put Betta's with Goldies. This of course,is JMO..... :yeah:

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