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Unknown Fish Problem

Guest yuko

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my fish (normal plain red goldfish) looks really weird, its body is curved, and it swims upside down twisting, turning etc... and it looks like it sometimes floats, and it also lays on the bottom of the tank, although its not dead. I've checked the water, put salt brought from the petshop in, and i've checked that it has no diseases

Please help, this has gone on for one day now, and it looks like its getting worse

it use to be in a tank with 4 other fish, a very spacey tank, i have seperated him because if it is a disease i dont want it to spread to my other fish

filter was still running and tank is very clean, ph is normal, checked it with this menthoyl blue thingy (also brought from pet shop) no medication was added, errr, i dunno the name of the filter, but its never affected the fish before, and i clean the filter and tank about once a week, but i only change 20-30% of the water, about once a month i clean the whole tank i think, leaving some of the old water in of course, my tap water is clean too, ph 7

If there is no cure, is there a way to put it to sleep without it suffering? i've heard of putting alcohol in the water BUT I REALLY WISH THAT IT COULD LIVE but if there is no cure i want to put it to sleep so it doesn't suffer, its looks really painful :(

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Ammonia is a waste product from the fish and it is lethal to the fish, ammonia should always be kept a 0 and no more than .25. Nitrites are the by products of good bacteria breaking down ammonia and the Nitrates are the by products of nitrites being broken down. Basically ammonia and NitrItes should be kept at zero and nitrAtes should be between 10 and 20. I know its confusing but it is very important.

You problem sounds like Swim Bladder Disease. Since this hasn't been going on for very long it can probably be made better.

What do you feed your fish?

The best thing for fish is food that sinks. Soak your food for a few minutes in a bowl with tank water for a couple minutes before giving it to your fish.

I would recomend giving your fish only cooked shelled peas for a day or so, if the problem doesn't get better try not feeding your fish for two days, then feed it cooked, shelled peas for two days and then fast agian if the problem isn't any better. Peas help clean out the fishes digestive tract and cleaning out the digestive tract helps with SBD.

If the fish starts swimming better feed it sinking foods that have been soaked. The soaking gets rid of excess air in the food and the sinking food makes it so the fish doesn't have to come to the surface to get food. The combination of the sinking and soaking means less air gets inside your fish and that means the swim bladder should starting working right agian.

Sorry if this is confusing...ask any questions you wish, we're more than willing to help. :welcome

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Guest JustJayde

There are posts on this site about putting a fish to sleep, the most used and humane method seems to be clove oil. Here is an entire thread on it ... Putting a fish down

I hope someone here can help you however , that is usually a last resort.

I am not a fishie expert but have you tried feeding him shelled peas to see if it helps stop the floating?

sorry nichjake we posted same time :)

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