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Hi there!

If you are able to, 7 fish would do great in a 55 gallon for quite a while. Probably a year, or about that. But, they can and do get rather large and will need a larger tank than 55 gallon once they begin to reach adult size.

If they are still small right now, I would work your way into larger tanks as your fish grow. It can be pretty expensive going out and trying to buy a 75-100 gallon tank and all the filtration it would need. Building up whle your fish are growing allows you to learn to care for them at a pace that remains comfortable.

All in all, diving right into a huge tank for your goldfish is a great start for them. If you can afford it and are willing to set the tank up that satisfactorily suits their needs, by all means, do so...... ;)

Good luck!


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