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Haha..I feel embarassed posting my photos, but I love looking at everyone's fish photos. I'm developing my OGD and I love posting here, even though I'm still learning about fish care and the different kinds of fish. I found out my drawing teacher is a fish nerd like me. FUN.

So here's some photos of our fishies!

(I hope no one minds me posting them full size, I forgot the html :lol: )


My roommates Black Moor, Sephy. He's warming up to us. :) he hasn't been introduced to the others yet. And that red is from my shirt reflecting. I freaked out for a second. :krazy:


The comet is mine, Calcifer, the Red Cap is Boris, and the Orange one is Reno, who had ammonia burns when we brought him home. All are still teeny but always begging for food or coming to the edge of the tank to see me. They are less afraid of the camera now :D


I love my fishies!

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