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Well hi again everyone. I know that one day I am going to have a huge, magnificient pond in my yard....when we are finally able to get settled in a house in about 2 years lol!

Anyway, in the meantime, i wonder how difficult it would be to have an indoor pond...one that is removeable...but it doesnt "look" like its removeable.

Im thinking maybe making one from a large square or rectangle tub, at least 100 gallons, and making a wood border on which the top of it is like a bench, so that you can sit there and see the fish.

I dont want it to be attached to the floor or walls so that it can be removed. Here are some questions...

1) how could I rig the filter and pump for this thing? I was thinking of hiding the filter under the "bench" area that goes around the pond. If I did this, what would be the best way to run the filtered water back into the tank? Is it at all possible to make a pretty waterfall feature that goes well with the wood border? I really like the idea of the filter output feeding a waterfall...but I dont know how to attach that to a wooden border. I think it may look kind of dumb and unnatural.

2)Would a pump like this be ok to push water through the filter?

3) I do think a stone look would be better, but is there any chance of making something like that which can be easily removed or taken apart?

4)If I do a permanent feature like this in a house, but decide not to put fish in it, will something like bleach or cholrine be good to keep the water from getting nasty without a filter?

5) if you have any complete design ideas for an indoor pond, please share! Im trying to find pics on the internet, but most of them look permanent...although very beautiful.

My reason for wanting one that is removeable is because we are in the army and will be moving a lot. We are going to TX right now and are going to buy a house, but we will sell it when we leave. If we do build a permanent feature...I would like it be be able to house fish while we live there, but when we leave I would like it to be able to just be a pretty water feature with the option to not have fish in case the new owners do not want it. Make sense? Why do I feel like Im rambling. *sigh*

Anyway, here are some photos of indoor ponds that I like:

One of my favs!!!

A nice wood pond..this is like what I think I may build...

but where is the filter???


Well I cant find many pics. If you can find some more that would be a big help too. :D

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