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Listless Panda

Guest aguero

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Hi -

I hope someone can help me. First, my stats:

Ammonia - 0

pH - 8.0

Nitrates - 5

Nitrites - Between 0 and 0.25

Tank size -- 30 gallons

Tank running for two weeks

Food - Goldfish Basic (round, green sinking pellets)

Last water change -- Not yet

Other fish (3): 5" veiltail, 3" butterfly koi, 2.5" calico comet (all appear healthy)

oxygenation -- I run a bubble wand for an hour or two, twice daily

Pump size -- 30-gallon, new filter added four days ago

Tank health -- I used StressCoat when I started up the tank two weeks ago, as well as the recommended dose of aquarium salt. Have added no products since then.

Last night I added a new 3" panda oranda to the tank, and all evening long he looked completely healthy. Active but calm, swimming continually. No aggression from the three other fish. All fish seem to get along fine. He did not eat at 8pm when I fed the others, but I expected that due to him being new to the tank.

This morning I found him listless but upright, sitting on the bottom of the tank in the corner. During feeding this morning, he did go after food and was able to grab at least two pellets, maybe three. During the 3-minute feeding period, he seemed normally, swimming around the tank. But since them (three hours ago), he is back to sitting on the bottom, not swimming. He lists SLIGHTLY to one side or the other periodically, but it's barely noticable. To get to the bottom of the tank, he just FALLS there; he does not swim there. But he remains upright at all times.

There are no other signs of illness that I can see, and he seems to be breathing normally. I do realize that the four fish are probably crowded now, and am planning to upgrade soon to a 55-gallon tank.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thanks, Marcia

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If all the others are fine but the panda is not, then I would say it is a personal problem or the other fish have not showed signs of being ill yet.

Your tank is very over crowded, but if you do water changes every other day to every 3rd day for the time being, your water quality should stay fine. Do a water change asap. I read that you have not done one in 2 weeks since you set up the tank. The tank needs to cycle (which leads me to believe that your ammonia tester is wrong because it is odd that after only 2 weeks of being set up, doing no water changes and being overstocked there is no ammonia) but the ammonia build up will kill the fish. Goldfish are especially messy little creatures so they need more water changes than other fish.

I hope I helped a bit. The biggest thing is to keep doing water changes and monitor your sick fish. If you have a quarantine tank, I would move him to there to keep him from the others in case he gets them ill as well. I would not use any meds for the time being except some melafix if you wish. Test your ammonia again to be sure that the ammonia is really 0ppm which is very unlikely at this point.

Take care, and post back! :)

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Thank you! I will do a water change now, and re-test the ammounia level. I will move the oranda to a separate tank for now, to alleviate the overcrowding and quarantine her in case of contagious illness.

Thanks again!

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Just an update:

I re-tested the ammonia as you suggested, and it was indeed above 0 this time (but just slightly). I did a water change, and re-tested, and the ammonia level has still not gone down to 0.

I also fed Butters (the sick oranda) a couple of smashed shelled peas, in hopes of staving off any potential swim bladder problem (he was listing slightly to one side and then the other when he was sitting on the gravel).

Now, I'm at least happy to report that Butters is feeling better, and acting normal! But the ammonia level still concerns me. Should I do a partial water change everday until it goes down to 0?

Thanks again!!! :D

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