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Sick Oranda Goldfish - Listless, Not Eating

Guest nlparker25

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Guest nlparker25

I have a black and orange oranda in a five gallon tank, it's a Galaxy 5. The filter is an Eclipse, but the carbon filter is not in the tank right now because I am treating it with Ich medication, Melafix, and Pimafix. I changed half the water yesterday, and vacuumed up all the poop and food. The tank has only been set up for a week. There is no detectable ammonia, or nitrites, and there couldn't possibly be an nitrates because it has not cycled yet. I don't know the PH, either, I do not have a test kit for that.

The goldfish is about 2" long, and she's the only fish in the tank because it is so small.

I got the fish last week, from the pet store. I took her home, put her in a bucket, and put mediciation in, and then drove back to college with her in the passenger seat the next day (after water change, of course). I set up the tank, put her in it, and she was fairly traumatized but she seemed allright. Then, Wednesday, she broke out with one or two spots of ich, so I changed out some water and put ich medication in the tank. She was not eating at this time. I got a small heater at nooppee and put it in the tank, it didn't have a temperature setting that could be manipulated it was my only choice because there are no pet stores around here that carry fish items. The next day, she seemed a lot better, and was actually eating, so I was happy. I went home on Friday, for the weekend, and put mediciation and a little food in the tank before I left. I came home Sunday morning (my roommate was in the room on Saturday, I was not) and she had broken out with ich again. I brought a better heater from home, and raised the temp up to 78, and all the ich died off within a day. I also changed half the water, and vacuumed all the dirt out of the bottom (I thought dirty water was the culprit, because it almost always is). Before Thursday, she was acting really listless, just hanging out near the top of the tank and kinda twitching her fins, not moving much, so I figured she was probably traumatized. Now, it is Monday, and she is back to doing that again. She's not really moving, not eating, and there is only one spot of ich on her. I see some strange bumps on her tail, like she hurt herself or something, but I have no clue what they are. I'm treating with antibacterial, antifungal, and ich specific medication so I figure it should be covered. Her fins are not torn, there are no more spots on her body (one spot of ich on her head), no streaks in her fins, and her gills look fine. However, her dorsal fin is not standing up like she was doing before. Sometimes, it appears from my viewpoint, that she is swimming tipped a little to her left side. She is not floating, or breathing hard.

I think either: she's sick internally, too much medication, the tank is cycling and it's somehow causing her to act like this, or maybe she is just traumatized.

I do not know what's going on with her, I've had fish for years and years and never had one act like this when I brought it home from the store (especially a week later). She's not hiding, she's not scared, and I've been treating ich for almost a week. It should be gone by now. From time to time yesterday she was darting, and I assumed that was because of the ich on her body.

Are the medications I am using ok, or should I go get something like Maracyn/Maracide or something stronger? Could it be my cycling the tank that is causing her to act like this? Any suggestions are welcome-- it is hard to cycle a tank with a fish in it. I've been able to do it before just fine, in this same tank, but I don't have any of the old gravel, I have the old bio-wheel and I'm using it. Maybe the bio-wheel should be replaced. Maybe I should change a little bit of the water each day. I have no clue what to do here, I don't know why she's acting this way. Help my poor fishy :( she's so cute, she can't die.

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Starting from the top, you will need test kits to monitor the levels really closely.

Your nitrate level will appear on your tests as usually this is present at some form in your tap water.

5 gallons though is a bit cramped but its better than a bowl and 10 gallons if you can manage it is heaps better.

You dont need to clean any fibre in the filter out until the tank has cycled, and when you do always use used tank water.

Your fish has had a rather rough time of it so its no wonder really that she has been stresed enough to get ick.

I personally think you are using too much in the way of meds and it would be best to stop adding anything except a water conditioner and salt for the ick.

When you see that the ick looks like it has died it hasnt. What has happened is that the shell of it has fallen off into the gravel where it will burst throwing lots more into the water.A better and more natural remedy is aquarium salt. Add 1 level teaspoon per gallon 12 hours apart 3 times to get a .3% solution. Do a gravel vac of 20% each day (really hard in a 5 gallon) to get rid of any ick lying around and remember to re add the salt with the changes.

You will need to keep this level for roughly two weeks, but its heaps better than all those meds.

The dorsal fin and flicking may be due to the ick attacking her. Have a look to see if the inside of the gills are still a healthy red colour.

Hope that helps for now and please try to get the tests for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and ph. :)

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Guest nlparker25

This fish totally baffles me. The ich has been gone for three days, the temperature is at a constant level, and I have changed the water consitently. I tested the ammonia and it is just a tiny bit darker than the 0 ppm level, the nitrites are at 0 ppm, the PH is at 7.5, the temp is at 75 and has been that way since Sunday. There is salt in the tank, but I kept it at 1 tablespoon per five gallons like the box said.

Now, she is still fairly lethargic, but she's extremely skittish. And she still won't eat. I'm totally baffled. She's pooping white strands, and she's not interested in the rocks or the top of the water, she's not sucking in air or sucking on the rocks. I put tubifex in and let it float around, and she didn't even suck any of it in.. just swam right through the food. Her gills look fine, there are no spots on her, her dorsal fin is standing up, she comes up to the front of the tank and looks at me.. but she hasn't eaten in 5 days! The only thing I see is she has some patches on her head and on her little "cheeks" that are lighter than the rest of her (she is black) and it's definately not fungus, it's not something ontop of her, it looks like the actual part of her head and face has lightened. It is odd.

I guess the car ride killed my fish, I have no clue what is wrong with her.

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