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Goldfish First Aid "kit"?

Christine A.

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Hi there,

Does anyone have a list, or just know of some important things to have on hand all all times in case of emergencies? In my last 911 cases with my fish I have found myself desperatley running out to the pet store to pick up what I need. Just thought it would be helpful to have everything I need on hand so that this doesn't happen in the future - at least things for common ailments.

Any help with this greatly appreciated!

P.S. How often should filters (not biofilters) be changed or cleaned as I have heard different opinions about this in the past.

Thanks so much! :)


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That is an excellent idea to have an emer kit for them!!

I would include in the kit some of the following........please include other items as well as I am sure I will forget something. ;)

Aquarium Salt.

Prime (always have extra on hand)

Maracyn and Maracyn 2

Metro Med or Medigold food.


Epsom salt



quarantine tank with all the accessories.

Changing the filter cartridge really depends on how much waste is in the tank. I have heard of people rinsing theirs in tank water for up to a year. This isn't me, I usually change mine every 2-3 months. I sometimes overfeed and have to really watch what I am doing.

What I do is rinse it until it starts desenegrating in my hand when I do it, then it is time for a new filter. I have a bio wheel filter so I don't have to take too many precautions about disturbing the bio load.

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Well you will get differing opinions on which is the best water conditioner. I think Prime is, it removes more hard metals than most and is cost effective. It is more concentrate so a little goes a long way, that is why it is more expensive but in the end saves money.

But most water conditioners are ok. STress coat is one, but has aloe in it which can coat the gills of the fish over time causing problems.

Melafix is a medicine that is used for various things such as wounds or fin rot (i think anyway).

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