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White Spots On Fins

Guest Echo17

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Argh I am leaving for hospital tomorrow and i'll be gone for a week, and I just notice most of my goldfish have white spots on their fins. Can't see any on the body though.

I added a new pleco a couple of days ago, so now I am thinking he carried it, but I didn't see any on him and I quarantined him :crp

They are eating fine, swimming fine and I think I caught this early so what is the best treatment?

It looks like ich but there is a good few 'white spot' diseases isn't there?

Like fungal and bacterial..

It is sunday so I guess I better run around at opening time at pet stores before I go to check into hospital..

so kinda need fast replies please? :(

These fish are my babies, i'v had them for years and I really dont want them to die.. they are way more than just fish :(

In the tank are goldfish, white cloud minnows and 1 pleco.. plus a danio who got mixed up in the minnow bag but he seems to be thriving in coldwater.

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Hi there echo and i'm so sorry you have to go through this just before hospital.

It sounds like ich and it's great that you caught it early.

I'm just coming out the other end of ich myself and the best and most gentle way to rid them of it is:

Add 1 teaspoon per gallon of pre-dissolved sea, rock or aquarium salt - actually sea and rock salt are readily available at most supermarkets.

Now here's the tricky part - 12 hours later, another teaspoon per gallon needs to be added and then 12 hours after that - another teaspoon per gallon. Have you anyone who can do this for you?

Also, do you have a heater you can use? If so, after the salt has been added, slowly raise the temp to around 80-82 degrees as it speeds up the ich cycle... then you have 0.3% salt that will kill them.

You can use meds but many meds then wreak havoc on filters and your tanks cycle and may also cause undue stress to your fish which is why salt is really the best way IMHO.

I'm hoping you have someone who can step in and help while you're gone - otherwise you may need to raise the salt level a little more quickly.... how long have you got until you have to go to hospital? (I hope it's nothing too serious)

Also, how long has your tank been running? Are there any water quality concerns?

Please post back soon :)

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I can persuade my sister to come over and do this for me, I will leave the dosage etc ready for her, thank you for the speedy reply.

I do have a heater in a packet that came with the tank but to be honest I would be worried about raising the temperature while I am away without being able to see how they take the change.

My sister doesn't really notice anything. like that..

I have to go to hospital on monday morning, so it will be a very early dash out to find the right stuff, I think my aunt has some aquarium salt, I will ring her when she is back from work and ask her, that will save precious time :)

The tank has been running at least a year, probably 2.. I am bad with time lol

The water is crystal clear, the only thing that needs doing is a quick wipe down on inside of the glass.. was hoping the pleco would help out on that but he just decided to clean the ornaments

I have been looking at more ich pictures, and just think I should describe it a bit better, it doesn't like as raised as pictures I am seeing, it looks like faint white dots, not fungal looking yet, there is none at all on the body just dotted randomly on the tail fins and on some pectoral fins. I will try take a picture when my batteries charge.

The minnows and danio dont seem to be affected at all, cant see the pleco coz he is hiding inside an ornament at the moment.

Thank you so much for the quick reply :)

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I know what you mean - the ich on my fish resembled small whitish dots and it was hard to see as he's an orange and white ryukin - his tail is completely white... what alerted me more to the problem was the waxy appearance of his tail - his slime coat had thickened giving it a more creamy appearance and when I got up real close - that's when I noticed the white spots.

It almost looked a little fungal so I know what you mean but when I put him into a plastic container for closer inspection, the biggest tell tale sign was the white cysts that dropped off him onto the bottom of the container.

So while some pictures despict a true salt sprinkle appearance - it depends entirely on the fish and at what stage of infestation.

Also, if your heater has a dial that reads either 28 C or 82 F - then I would give it a try. What kind of heater is it? Does it have a brand name? A clear set of instructions?

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I'v just dug it out of my wardrobe-

It has a 28 on it :)

The brand is..Aqua el

lol- there's a lot of foreign languages all over it so I am trying to pick it out.

The instructions aren't brilliant but I think I can work it out..

Just not positive if the thing that points to the selected dial temperature is definitely it, but there doesn't seem to be any other pointer..

How will the fish adapt to the change? Do I put the heater in with 28 selected?

Or a lower temp and slowly increase?

Thanks so much :) I feel much better because I read somewhere 'all affected fish should be destroyed' :o

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Whoever said all affected fish should be destroyed - well let's just say that kind of advice is best left alone :(

Have you added the first lot of salt yet? You could put the heater in just after the second dose of salt and yes, if you put it to 28 - it will raise the temperature slowly... oh wait a minute - how big is your tank? This will determine how long it will take and whether to increase the temp in increments.

I heated my 40 gal by setting the dial to 28 straight away and it took about 10 hours to rise to 82 (or 28 - give or take a degree) and kept it at 28 for 8 days. I've only just turned it off as I think they may be out of the woods...

The one thing to remember is make sure you put the heater into the water before turning on otherwise the glass may shatter and it's important to try and establish the correct waterline so that you can position it, switch it on and viola :)

So post back your tank size and we can take it from there :)

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:unsure: I actually dont know the size but it is between 20-30 gallons UK I think, it didn't say so on the box but it was all I could afford at the time, it cost me ?300 and I get annoyed when I see how cheap fish tanks are in UK and US <_<

It is bigger than 35inches long anyways..

It is too small for the fish in it I know- the 4 bigger fish are destined for my cousin's pond when they get a little bigger so they wont be food for the other pond goldfish.

It is the best I can give them atm, and better than the 10LITRE bowl they were in at my friends :blink:

anyways- is that too vague a measurement?

I am going to get a thermometer to check on the temp.

Salt- my aunt is dropping it down to me when she gets home from work.. should be 4pm.

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