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My Fishies Look So Happy At Last!

Guest WelshTom

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Guest WelshTom

Hi all, am so excited about my new tank I have to tell people!


My story starts a bout a year ago when I fell in love with 2 Goldie's in my local pet shop. Needless to say I bought them and a 4' x 12" x 18" tank for them to live in. Then I decided they looked lonely so bought some company for them in with 5 more Goldie's. All was well until one day I realised I needed a new filter so thought about buying an external canister filter like a Fluval 404. After a bit of research I found out they cost around ?50 used but I managed to find someone selling a 3" x 15" x 18" tank, stand, Fluval 404, twin light starter, stand and a nice selection of rocks. After a little haggling I bought it for ?50!

Whilst I had the 2 tanks I decided it would be a good idea to move my tank as I had been wanting to do this for a while. So I set up the 3' tank as a temporary home for them, built a new stand for the 4' , put it where I wanted it and set it all up. Then the night before I was planning on moving the fish over I was sitting at my PC having a browse around Koko's went I heard a funny noise and water running.

I looked at my 4' tank to see water gushing out of the back of it! The seal between the back and one of the sides had come loose and it was emptying lot's of water all over the floor. It wasn't very funny at the time but I can kinda look back now and laugh! Anyway, I decided then it would be a good time for me to get the bigger tank I always wanted, so set about looking for a 4' x 18" x 18" or a 4' x 2' x 2' tank.

I spent 6 months trying to find a tank I wanted at a price I could afford (poor student), then finally a few weeks ago came across an advert in the paper for a 6' x 2' x 2' tank. It was much bigger than I really needed but thought , why not go look?! I really liked the tank but the size scared me, so I bought it! It cost me ?150 and came with 2 x 404's the under gravel plates, loads of gravel, 2 x heaters, light starter, decorations, loads of water treatments and bit's and pieces

Today the fish finally moved in and the look sooo happy in there! It's not filled to the top because I don't want to put too much pressure on the floor, but as a guesstimate I reckon there is around 135 US Gallons in there! Have a look at these pics:

Full view of tank

Steve the Gremlin

My castle

Rocks and plants

For anyone interested my equipment is:

180 Gallon 6' x 2' x 2' all glass tank

Home made stand and hood

2 x Fluval 404's

12sq ft of under gravel filters

Halea Aco 9630 8 outlet 18 l/min air pump (4 uplift tubes and 4 air stones)

Twin light starter with 2 x 48" 30w tubes

In the tank as decoration I have:

Steve the Gremlin (see pic!)

a castle

plastic bridge

piece of fake drift wood

5 large rocks

Some green grave bought form B & Q

and a selection of live plants (?11 worth from eBay!)

My Fishies:

2 Big Commons

5 Small Commons

1 Comet

1 Fantail (my brother was keeping him in a bowl so I rescued him)

1 Sucker Fish (not sure of the real name for him!)

My fishies look so much happier in there and have already started nibbling on the plants! Sorry it's such a long (and prob boring) post but I am so excited and need to tell people and my family and friends are sick of hearing about it! :D

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That tank is GEORGEOUS!! I'm SO jealous!!

A friend of mine that's a carpenter told me that if we put tanks on solid stands with their backs to a wall, there's not so much of a worry about weight, since the chances of there being joists under that part of the floor are high. Load bearing walls almost always have the strongest floors where they meet the wall. :)

Good luck!

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Guest WelshTom

Thanks everyone for your kind words. Nice to finally have someone say they like it instead of telling me to stop talking about it or just ignoring me! Suppose not everyone can be so enthusiastic about it a I am!

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