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Yogyakarta Goldfish Contest


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Yogyakarta Goldfish Contest

To see the pics just scroll down and click on the pics.

I thought I'd link this page cos I'm pretty impressed with the fishes in this contest.

The website is largely still under construction & mostly in Indonesian but I'll translate the important parts.

The black moor in particular really caught my eye! Most likely it's a demekin and check out the pitchblack colouring!! And I like the second ranchu very very much! :druel

The contest was help in Yogyakarta, Central Java on 30th of July 2005. There were 185 (!! wow 185!!) entries with categories:

Ranchu baby, Jr, dan Senior/jumbo

Ryukin Jr dan Senior

Oranda Jr dan Senior

Open Junior dan Senior

Top View Ranchu Japanese

Each class was ranked 1st-5th, then next best 5 to round up the top 10.

The judges was pretty impressed with the organisation of the show, and the Grand Champion was a Jumbo Red & White Ryukin (about 10 inches long) while it had a little cataract & its tail was a little skewed, it was still very handsome and very energetic and very worthy of the title.

The judges were also impressed with the ranchu baby & jr class, and commented that some of them will be a great mature & jumbo ranchu.

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Guest jfuruno

Great link and beautiful pictures.

I agree that black demekin is stunning. Is the grand champion you mentioned, one of the one's pictured? I didn't realize ranchus grew to 10 inches.

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Guest Chishower

Its always the red and white ryukin. You think with how awesome they are, I would be able to find one over here, but nooooooooooo.

Those fish are great. I lovvvvvve the big fat pearlies. So cute. HOw do you find these pages?

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Guest PetalFlower

OMG, they are gorgeous!! I love how the really orange ranchu with the white pot on his flank is looking back at the camera. I just want to squish those fat little cheeks! :exactly

The orange/white pearlscale is also absolutely adorable. :wub:

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