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Fish Therapy


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Well last few weeks I been so caught up in work, school and study I had hardly time to enjoy my fish or post on here

Last few days I took some time off and wow...fish therapy :)

I sat for over an hour in front of my main tank and just watched. They played follow the leader it was soooooooooo cute

Fred in front, my blue oranda (recently put in tank after QT) always behind Fred they best buddies and insepratable, followed by Mullow and Coco Chanel

All four race from one end to the other and back

If I go to one end they race to me

then I move to the other end and they follow

Yanno it made me apreciate them more for I missed spending all day with them.

I then hand fed them duckweed and peas and they took it from my hand and during a waterchange they all frolliced around my fingers bitting them LOL

They so cute and playful and enhance my life.

Taking that time was really special to me and I hope to them aswell.

I guess what I am trying to say is..take time out and enjoy your goldies..they such beautiful companions and friends :)

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:D That's a wonderful story, LMF. I know how u feel, once in a while when I'm feeling a bit down, I just lay on the floor in front of my tank, looking up at the fishies. Somehow a smile came unto my face :D and things felt a lot better
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Im so glad I am not the only one!

Yeah its so amazing that a day of stress can be turned to bliss, just by siting/lying by the tank and watching.

I figured it was due to 3 main things:

1. the sound of water from the filters...always relaxing

2. The fish and their antics make you laugh and they say laughter is the best medicne in the world.

3. Just taking time out..the fact you actually took time out and validated to yourself that you needed time out is a powerful thing psychologically.

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Guest JustJayde

I agree totally!

the water is so relaxing, and the fish are SO EXCITED to see us!

It makes me feel all warm when he rushes forward when he sees my face

or when he hears my voice

When he dances to get my attention

I find myself talking to him a LOT when I am near the pc

keeps us both happy LOL

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