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The pictures of Panda are of him in his new tank. It is bare. We have him on a Maracyn treatment. Tommorrow will mark the 4th 24hour period of his treatment. I removed the carbon from the filter and the water is very milky.

His fin has been like this for weeks. I noticed that there is a small patch of scales on his left side that seem to be sticking out, possibly suggesting dropsy.

Fin does not seem to be getting better. See previous topics of mine if you are interested in helping.

Last params: taken 24hrs ago:

pH 7.0

Amm 0

Nitrite .25

Nitrate 5.0

This is a new tank and is currently cycling, We thought it best to get Panda out of the 80g away from the Bala Sharks and into a peaceful tank. There is a pleco with him that I believe was suffering from the salts added to the 80g tank.

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So sorry to hear about your panda...I think it looks more of a body rot rather than finrot but I'm no expert :( Just thought I'd attach your album for our experts to see :) Good Luck!I hope your fish pulls through this... :heart

Fryboy's Album

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Thanks for looking out. The Pleco died yesterday. Just took his body out today. Don't know if the maracyn treatment was too much for him, or if something else is going on in the tank.

Panda's appetite is still healthy and he's swimming a bit more, but mostly he sits in the bottom right hand corner of the tank.

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Panda was treatd for 5 days with Maracyn. His tail is now grey instead of red, which I take as an improvement. I am in the middle of a 25% water change and thought I would bring the salt level up to .3% over three days. First I will read more about this on site.

I have noticed that his fins seem to be lifting off his body. Not drastic, but enough to give him a textured appearance rather than smooth and stream-lined. After reading a lot, I am pretty sure it is a case of dropsy.

if, DROPSY, is the case then I am not sure if I should do a salt treatment when Maracyn-two and/or Maracyn-Plus is recommended.

This is not a hospital tank, but a new 20 gallon tank I purchased for Panda. I did this to get him away from the tropicals and give him a special place of his own. The tank is mellow and he doesn't have to compete for food. I let the tank run for 4 days before I put Panda in, then I just dropped him in given the water params and I guess the temp. were the same. He took it well. The tank is not decorated as I am waiting to find a medium sized gravel that comes in white or a light sand color. I then plan to add only live plants and bog wood, giving it a more natural feel.

First Panda must completely recover.

Thank you all, glad you enjoyed the pics.

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