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Odd Params

Guest PetalFlower

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Guest PetalFlower

I'm a little confused about my readings. It was my understanding that hard water usually gave you a more alkaline PH, soft giving you more acidic.

If that's the case, then why is my water reading a GH of 75 (soft), yet my PH is close to 8.4, and my KH is 300? I'm worried that this state might be harmful to my fish. My readings have been steady at this level.

Should I get an osmosis kit?

How much are osmosis kits?

Would Bullseye PH Balancer help?

Would it hurt them if I suddenly changed the PH on them?

Sorry for all the long post and all the questions, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I think your water parameters should be OK. Your goldfish probably like soft water, and your KH will keep your pH rock steady!! :)

The readings are tap water readings aren't they?

Reverse osmosis kits are for really messed up water, or the type of animals you keep have very specific needs. I haven't really looked into them, but I think they are quite expensive.

I wouldn't change the pH with anything, just keep an eye on your fish. :)

Slugger :)

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