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Fish Are No Better!


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:krazy: paul! help! the fish are still no better. ive been keeping up with the 100% water changes every 24 hours, the water is aged and is the same temp and ph etc, im giving them medicated food, i was treating them with half doses of the mgf stuff and bumped it up a bit as it was taking no effect and still they keep deteriorating! the fry are dropping like flies now! i have 5 left!! i had around 40 this time last month! :crying: is there anything more i can do? might it be a strain of costia resistant to meds as well? thanks again
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Had a look at the other thread.

How old are the goldies? Its a shame you are losing them after everything you tried.

All i know about the meds are they can be tripled dosed but i dont think thats the problem now. Maybe something secondary? Have you tried looking for anything on the fish that are left?

Sorry i cant be of any more help and hope Paul can help further.

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