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Frank Came!


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Andy(chishower) sent me frank! he came today!!!

Hes a big boy!! he ate the papertowels he was in, and farted at me when i unpacked him! LOL :lol:

just another hungry piggie to feed!!! :heart

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Guest Chishower

Lol. Frank was my big cana snail, and he had an accident and fell off my counter. You cant see his busted shell there, its on the underside next to the glass.

So I packaged him up by wrapping him in damp paper towels, putting them in a tupperware, wrapping that in bubble wrap, and cushining it in newspapers and shipped him up north to smack.

And Frank, being Frank, got bored in shipping and decided to munch on his paper towels. Silly boy. I guess he must have been real happy to see smack, too. :rofl

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