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Not Sure On Best Course Of Action


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* Test Results for the Following:

Ammonia Level?............0

Nitrite Level?................0

Nitrate level?................20

Ph Level, (If possible,KH and GH and chloramines)?..PH-7.2, PH out of tap is 6.8

KH in tank is 17.9 out of tap is 17.9. GH in tank is is 107.4, out of tap is 35.8

Ph Level out of the Tap?....6.8

* Tank size (How many Gals) and How long has it been running? ....10 g runing 36 days

* What is the name and size of the filter/s? Aqua one HOB 500 leters per hour

* How often do you change the water and how much?...been cycling so daily changes as requirede till the 8th of the month, then fully cycled.

# How many fish in the tank and their size? One Blackmore, 5 inches

# What kind of water additives or conditioners? Wardly Tri-start water conditioner/ager and conditioning salts to raise GH

# Any medications added to the tank? no

# Add any new fish to the tank? no

# What do you feed your fish? Wardly flakes (soaked first),Wardley premium goldfish pellets sinking (soaked first), Nutrafin Spirulina flakes (soaked first), bloodworms, and fast one day a week and feed peas next day

# Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt",

bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus?NO

# Any unusual behavior like staying

at the bottom, not eating, ect..? Bumps into the glass alot, wont seek out food. I think he is half blind.

OK as most of you know Dalamar wont eat, well he still wont, he still gets the sunken food from the gravel.

Anyway my problem now is his eyes.

When I first got him one eye was cloudy

it cleared with good water ( i saved and tested the water from the bag he cam in and it had very low PH so I thought the cloudy eye due to that)

But it cleared then come back then cleared

Now its weird!

But Its hard to describe, yanno the outside of the eye we see as that clear bubble? well its normally an even convex shape, one of his eyes has had a point on it, kinda pokes out

This concerned me but in improved and the cloudy went, however last 2 days the other eye did the same, no cloudyness but he develpoed white dots.

the original eye is still pointy and the other is pointy aswell now

he dont eat great, never has, he does not react to the food till a few mins after it sinks then he gravel vacs and finds it... I think he is vision impared.

He swims fast and hits his eyes on the glass so is it possile its injury?

However the last 2 days the white in eye has concerned me, I thought eye flukes but on closer examination i noticed a ball in his eye! like the lens is kinda bulging.

The fact the eyes look protruded aswell makes me think fluid buildup?

should I epsom? to help the fluid

I dont want him to pop a lens!

Or could it be something else?

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Hello! :)

So, his eye is no longer cloudy? Just the one eye is pointed?

My black moor also has eyes that are a bit pointed, and also he does not seem to chase after food right away either.

Goldfish are naturally bottom feeders anyways, so they will always pick through the gravel looking for food.

Do you think he is sick, or just that he cannot see right?

Black moor's do not have the best eyesight as they are celestial's.

Your water params seem good to me. I do not think they are causing the problem. Also, your tank seems like it may be cycled already. I would start doing water changes every other day to every 3rd day now and see what happens. Keep a close eye on the ammonia level.

Good luck!

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Hi Florissa

Thanks for your reply.

There is no cloudyness now, that eye is just pointy.

The other eye is also pointy now and has the white dot in it, its not cloudy its more like dot in there. Sorry its very hard to describe. It was never there when I got him. When you look sideways thru the clear part you can see this round ball but the other eye does not have it.

Aside from that he does not seem sick at all, he is extremly active and has normal poop.

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Cloudy eyes usually means something is not right. I would hazard a guess that the problem was there when you got him, but has resurfaced.

Is it possible for you to post a pic?

Slugger :)

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Hi lmf - I have a little moor who went through exactly the same thing. His eye's caused him enormous problems when i first got him and now the clear formations around his eyes are shaped like coneheads (or pointed).

When you say white dot - is it like a white ball that moves around in the socket? If so, it could be the lens has detached itself which would cause the eye to become sightless. Does it sounds a bit like this?

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thanks siansy :) Im so worried bout him

Yes Jen..its not free floating but its protruding out of the iris (I say iris as in human atomany) its like the lens has popped out of the black circle but you can only see it on a side view. I am very worried that it will pop out more and finally detatch. I think it is at the stage that it is close to finally detatching

I hope that makes sense, its so hard to describe in words. But from what I know of a fish's eye anotomy it definately looks like his lens.

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It sounds as though this is what's happening. The causes of this are few - possibly eye trauma or a flexobacterial infection. I'm leaning towards the infection - especially if his appetite is waning.

Has he been pooping ok lately? Any white, stringy waste? Or is it coloured and solid?

Also, have you tried salting his tank to 0.3%?

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When I got him he had a very very very long thin white poop in the fish shop tank, this alarmed me! But I had already paid for him a week before and they had isolated him for me.

When I got him home there were a few white poops and a cloudy eye. and he did not eat.

I salted the tank during QT only and he will eat food inthe gravel. To this day, he only eats what he rumages up, if food floats past him he ignores it.

To be honest when I got him home i thought of a bacterial infection but salted and waited as was hesitant to over treat.

His activity level is very high and no other signs of problems till this has now occured with the lens.

Right now he has no salt, no meds, his water is cycled and temp is at 23C

The only antiobiotic I have is tri-sulpher..Iwas tempted to use this when I first got him but did not want to jump the gun and also stuff up my cycle so I thought observation first.

The only other meds I have are basically fungal ones I have in stock in my emergency med chest but have never used (and hope i never need to). One also contains acriflavine.

Other then that I have salt.

Today he is the same, no change, not worse he seems happy but the ball in his eye is still there.

another observation I have made over the last week is if you aproach the other eye. for example when gravel vacuming or rearanging rocks he will shy away, but if you go near they eye with the lens prob he takes no notice at all, so yes I really do think he is basically blind in that one eye.

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I honestly think the only thing you can do now is wait and see. If the cloudiness has gone then he's possibly as healthy as ever.

I don't think there's much that can be done for the eye - but he can live a long and healthy life with only 1 sighted eye :D

It's also interesting about the sensitivity of his sighted eye - I have a little celestial who only has one good eye and when cleaning the tank - he doesn't notice if my hand is on the left - the side of his sightless eye but he will scoot away if i'm on the right :D

He too only eats when he stumbles on the food along the bottom of the tank - and he's one happy camper :)

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Thaks Jen

I tend to agree, maybe he had an infection before I got him (looking at past history) and now its gone he now has damage to the eye :(

Poor baby!

I will continue to watch to see if the lens moves or eye swells up, so far its the same as when I posted this thread and he seems quite happy.

If I see any change for the worse i will post again and salt tank, till then I guess i should just observe and see. As long as the lens does not fully detatch and he can eat I guess its ok (if not sad) thats hes blind in one eye.

Jen thats really interesting about your celestial! wow I guess all fish are so diferent and can adapt to individual circumstances, thanks for sharing that.

and thaks again for helping me.

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