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Black Moor Floating, Not Quite Right? Help

Guest Alatriel

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Guest Alatriel

Amonia - 0

Nitrites - 0

Nitrates - 7ppm

ph - Nuetral 7

Hardness - 200ppm

30 gallon tank

flugal 104 filter plus 2 large air stones

lots of plants

Tank running for 5 weeks

Water changes around 25% every 3 days with a gravel vac.

Fish - 2 black moors, 2 male guppies, 7 week old baby guppies and an albino corycat.

Hello I am new to this forum and posted questions about this on the new peoples page and was advised to post here as to get more answers to my questions.

One of my new black moors (had only 2 days) is swimming quite funny, he is struggling to swim down (seems like an effort) and then tends to float back up. He is also I think flashing a bit on plants and the rocks on the bottom. He hangs out alot at the top of the tank not moving much at all.

He is still eating and looking for food at the bottom, but when he gets down there, he seems to crash on the ground and float up again.

The other black moor seems fine and all the other fish are ok aswel. This little guy didn't look good from the moment he was in my tank? :(

Please help, I am not sure what to do. I have read alot about swim bladder and think that could be maybe whats going on, but I am not sure because of the flashing?

I recently had Ick in the tank, but I treated for an extra week (2 weeks in total), unfortunatly i didn't read about treating with salt until i had already started with ick meds, so I raised the temp and kept up with the meds. There has been no sign of it for over a week, so I thought it would be safe to start adding fish seeing as my tank has only had 2 guppies and some babies in it to cycle (the mother guppies both died from the ick!! :cry1 )

So could someone please give me some advise on maybe what to do, I am going to do a 50% water change, but I would like some advice before I do anything.

I wait in anticipation, thanks for listning. :)


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What do you feed your fish and do you soak it before giving it to them? Air bubbles trapped in sinking foods can lead to swim bladder problems and fish going to the surface to get flakes can cause problems to, the fish suck in air. If you don't already soak the food you really should start, just put it in a little cup filled with tank water and let it sit for a few minutes before giving it to your fish.

I'm afraid I can't tell you much about the flashing, I'm not to good at diseases yet, a mod or someone more experienced should be along to help. The only thing I can really suggest with confidence is salting the tank. All you need is a thing of aquarium salt that you can buy at your local fish store (LFS), This link will help you dose and give you lots on info about salting the tank. Salt is a very good general tonic until you find out what is wrong. Just add it a bit at a time, a full dose all at once can really hurt your fish if they aren't used to salt being in their water.

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Hi and welcome :)

Sorry to hear you having problems.

Just a few questions:

Did you qt the new fish first before adding to the tank?

Is he the only one showing symptoms?

A new fish may not eat well as they adjust but if you think he is floaty then fast for 2 days then feed peas to see if it clears out the digestive tract.

As for the flashing......if you feel he is flashing its more then likey he has some parasite that is irating him. This may be passed on to the other fish if you did not QT

Can you describe the behaviour a bit more?

Till then salt the tank (but as you got guppies and a catfish), id isolate him first till you can find out if the other fish can tolerate salt) sorry i cant help you with that. I dont want to advise salting the tank with the other fish in it.

Can you get another tank or rubermaid container? and pop him in there?? Then you can treat him without subjecting the other fish.

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LuvmuhFred is correct you shouldn't salt the tank with the tropicals or the plants in there. The tropical fish will need to be treated in a seperate tank, I am not an expert on how to rid ich from them. I am sure another can help you there.

It may be best once you get the gf and the tropicals seperated to run a seperate thread in the tropical section and leave this one for the gf. Sound good?

Now to help with the gf. It sounds like SBD and parasites. GF can have many things happening at once. Your water quality is good so keep it that way and they'll have a better chance of getting rid of the parasite. Now whether the ich isn't gone totally yet or they have another parasite, who knows. But you can use salt as the above members said (just not with the plants or the tropicals, can't stress that enough).

Also a product called Parasite Clear can be used with salt to help cover all the bases. Flukes won't be cured with plain salt.

Post back soon and we can guide you from there.

Oh fasting the moors a couple days will be ok and should help with the SBD.

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Guest Alatriel

thank you everyone for your help, I rang the fish shop guy and told him i thought he might of sold me a dud, he told me to bring it straight back and he would change it over for me.

The new one is great, happy to say all fish are doing really well, all looks good.

Thanks for your great advise guys, appreciate it!

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That is good of him, but you do realize that if parasites were on that fish chances are they are now on all the fish.

Hopefully you won't have a problem but let us know if that changes.

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