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Salt Table!

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Hope this helps people that are new to fish I know it made it easier for me, just remeber to find out what fish can tolerate what amounts of salt as all are different. But the more I read the more it seems salt is very useful.

Types of salt that are ok for use are: Sea salt, Kosher Salt, Aquarium Salt, Table salt can be use as long as there are NO ANTICAKING agents used( I would stay away from table salt if I was not sure)

Here is the table:


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Its really hard for people to find out which fish is intolerant of salt.

As a rough guide never use for any type of loach or catfish though the hardier plecs can take short term solutions of .3%.

Neons and other small tetras dont tolerate any salt. Most tropicals can take up to .2% but really only use salt as a last ditch attempt and go for meds first.

Mollies are true brackish fish and do well with added salt and all livebearers need some tonic salt for electrolyte and minerals.

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