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Bleach is used at 1 part bleach to 19 parts water. Dip the plant in the solution for 1 minute (for delicate stem plants), 2 minutes for tougher plants like java fern and anubias. Rinse several times in clear water, followed by a rinse in dechlorinated water.

Use 1 tsp Potassium Permanganate in 1.33 gallons of water to make a

good solution for plants or ornaments. Dip in this solution for 30 seconds. Rinse.

Hope this helps :-)

If you have a plant that is very fine leaved, try a small section first, just to make sure it can withstand the solution.


I just posted this another thread but here's what I do:

1/4 cup of 5% bleach with 5 cups tapwater (1:20 ratio) in a ziplock freezer bag. Place plant in bag and shake bag for no longer than 2 minutes. Drain ziplock bag and fill with plain water, shake the bag, drain and repeat 4 to 5 times. I do not use the dechlorinator as the residual bleach leftover will be incredibly low (especially when considering that it is going into a large volume tank) but the rinse is VERY important.

I have had lots of success with this treatment on Anubias and Swords. However, within 3 days of the treatment my anacharis was destroyed and I have read it can do the same to some stem plants (cabomba, rotala, etc).

Credit for these two ways goes to: touchofsky and greykmb. Toothless also posted about the life cycle of certain parasites: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...showtopic=35594

I hope this will help!

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