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OK - I'm now thinking this is a type of fungus. It has been coming on very Sloooowly for quite some time now in my chocolate oranda. Now though it appears to have spread to my ryukin. I am still not sure what it is though. It starts as a small white bump on the edge of the fin & now has progressed to white patches on the face & sides (which is why I'm thinking fungus). Also now I have major fin splitting & rot in the most affected fish.

I just moved another fish out of QT today & so I can now move him in to treat. (Other fish was an injury from another tank)

Fish is currently in a 58 gal tank set up since Christmas 2004 with Fluval 404 & Aquaclear filters. Tank is cleaned with python about 50-60% every 2 weeks. Params are Nitrite 0, ammonia 0, nitrate 40-60(my tap comes with 40 though) - just before a cleaning nitrate can be as high as 80. Ph stays steady between 7.2-7.4. (I'm in process of testing my tap for chloramines & it appears that my township uses choramine instead of chlorine, so I am happy that I am using Prime)

Currently there are only 3 fish in that tank & they are on Medigold diet (normally they are fed PRogold & spirulina flakes)

No new fish in months.

I did try a round of Jungle Fungus clear with no change. Currently I have melafix in there (hopeing for some fin help while I sort this out). I did try Pimafix but my smaller ryukin appears to have problems with it so ...

I want to treat each fish separately if at all possible as treating the entire tank is difficult (as it's 58 gal) unless you think I need to.

What do you all think is the best way to go??



PS - I haven't salted yet as I wasn't sure what direction to take. My QT tank does have a heater. I have access to alot of meds I'm just not sure what to use! or just salt & melafix???

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