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Good Idea To Feed Medicated Food To New Fishes?

Guest henryay

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Guest henryay

Is it a good idea to feed newly bought goldfishes with medicated fish food? The last times my fishes died, it seemed like it was internal infection. I know this by red streakin on the bottom of the bottom and white long poop.

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Hi there.

Before I answer are these fish new to you? Are you going to get new fish and add them to your set up?

I ask because if you already have the new fish and they are all together then you can use that tank as the quaranteen tank. Experts recommend a quaranteen for 2-4 weeks. At this time the tanks are usually salted to 0.3% and the fish are watched for anything not normal. Antibotics are ususally not recommended for if you give them and they are not needed you can create a resist bacteria if your fish ever do get sick...........just like human medicine.

If you are going to add a new fish then I would keep that fish seperated in a q-tank for the appropriate time, after which if no problems are seen can be transfered to the main tank.

I hope I have answered your question.

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