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Black Spots On Oranda?

Guest zoeybaby77

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Guest zoeybaby77

I found some unusual findings on my goldfish yesturday. I'll start off by answering the questions above:

Ammonia: 0ppms

Nitrite level: 0ppms

Nitrate: between 10 and 20ppms

Tank size: 60 gallon

How long been running: 1 yr and 3 months

Change water every week, about 35%

4 fish in the tank (2 oranda's and 2 pearlscales, all about 5 inches)

Water addiditives: aqua safe during water changes

No medications added to the tank

No new fish

Feed fish omegaone flakes, oranges and pea's, and frozen blood worms

Unusual findings: Yesturday when I was feeding the fish, I noticed a few black dots (very small, like grain of salt small, maybe a bit smaller) on my oranda's wen. Well, when I started looking closer at them, there were the same black dots on part of his back. They stick out alittle bit. Reminded me of ick, but much smaller and solid black... so far only noticed 4 on his wen, and about 15 to 20 on his back near his wen. Other then that, no other findings, and no unusual behavior

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Hi there and :welcome

Well, this could be indicative of several things, really. Anychance you could take a good digital photo of the spots. You can get a good shot if you remove the fish to a small receptacle and take photos from overhead. You can then post it on Photobucket.com and link us to it.

It would REALLY help.

Otherwise, you could be seeing one of the following:

--Ammonia burns (unlikely if your waterquality remains good)

--Melanophore migration this is when pigment cells begin to condense in certain areas

--Black Grub disease:



Post back soon.


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Guest zoeybaby77


Thanks for your quick reply. They look somewhat similar to the pictures you provided, but not really. These spots stick up a tiny bit, and are smaller then a grain of salt. Their solid black. I was looking at my other oranda who has alot of black on his head and back, and he has similar spots, but much harder to tell because hes already black, but i can see little spots sticking up on his head and alittle bit of his back. I'll try to get a good shot of the spots. My digi camera doesnt zoom in, so it would be impossibly to get a shot of them then (their such tiny spots) but I have a better camera that I can zoom in pretty well with, and i'll go take pictures and get the shots put on a disk. So i'll post up pictures later today.

:D Thanks

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Guest zoeybaby77

Their definantly black. Just as black as the black moor in your sigi. Seriously. Im completly boggled as to what it is...

My pix are being developed as we speak, so I should have them posted up shortly.

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