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New Tank - Fishless But Cloudy

Guest richard23

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Guest richard23

Hi all,

Im sure this is nothing to worry about...BUT...

I set up my new tank last Sunday and left it fishless to cycle for a week before adding fish. Over the last few days its gone cloudy.

So what did I add....


Aquarium Salt

Nutrafin Cycle

Now I know it cant be any dust in the gravel, so Im guessing its the Nutrafin cycle starting to cycle the tank and the ammonia level is rising. It certainly looks like it.

Would that be a correct deduction? I changed c. 28 litres of water last night and intend to do the same again today. The one thing I need though is an ammonia test kit to be sure.

As I said, Im planning to introduce new fish tomorrow into the tank so any advice would be helpful.



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What sort of filtration do you have going on this tank?

Did you add any ammonia source to the tank? "Cycle" does not add any ammonia - so it needs to come from some source......fish food, pure ammonia, etc. Ammonia must come from somewhere - the level will not rise without a source of ammonia adding it to the water.

Without ammonia, there is nothing to feed the beneficial bacteria, so you will not develop a cycle.

Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely that your tank is cycling or even begining to cycle by much in just one week. The cycle simply takes longer than that to develop - even given ideal conditions..... :(

If you could hold off introducing fish into this tank until you can get it sorted out, you may find that you will avoid many problems..... Putting fish into a stressful situation can lead to many diseases that the fish would be able to defeat themselves in better water. Treating disease while trying to cycle a tank is very difficult - and stressful for you.

I think getting a water testing kit is really a good idea - that will let you know exactly where your tank stands. With the tests, you will be able to tell when the tank is ready for fish. :)

Please let us know your parameters - I bet we can help you get this tank straightened up and swimming right!!! :)

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