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After becomming disgusted with my usual LFS (see my earlier post) I went to a different one that was just down the road and I think I'll be going there from now on.

I was very impressed with the quality of the fish and the selection of fish stuff. They didn't have a huge variety of fish, most of them were marine fish but the fish that they had were in excellent condition. They don't carry "feeder fish" for obvious reasons, they don't them to end up in some five year old's bowl. The fish weren't overstocked, there wasn't a sick or dead fish to be seen and the water looked pristine. I asked the store manager some questions and he said that they don't sell dyed fish because they tend to loose their eyes,(he didn't know why they did this and I don't kow why they would) and they keep their freshwater tanks salted to help prevent disease, they also fed medicated food in case they have any bad bugs with them. I couldn't believe their tanks weren't everstocked so I had to ask, how often do you get shipments in how how many fish do you get? He said that they got a shipment in on tuesday this week and they hadn't sold many so what you see is pretty much what we get.

That made me happy, I would much rather have a few healthy looking fish to choose from than a ton of fish that have been terribly mistreated and stressed and sick because of it.

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