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Internal Infection?

Guest disenhouse

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Guest disenhouse

Here are my tank specs:

Recent test results: Ammonia .255 ppm/NitrIte 0 ppm/NitrAte 0 ppm/Ph 8 (yes, I know that's too high)/Ph out of tap 7.4.

Tank size: 10 gal.

Filter: Whisper Power Filter 10

Water change: once per week @ 20%

# fish: 3 all at 1.5"

Additives: Prime and Stress Coat

New fish: NO

Feed: bloodworms/brine shrimp/HBH Flake Frenzy

Unusual findings: Thought I saw salt in fins but at this point they look more like little air bubbles. From past experience though, these little bubbles always end up being salt. On one side Isabella (the other 2 are fine) has tiny pinprick red spots (2 spots) and on the other side there appears to be a pea-sized redish area almost like a rash but it's under her skin and not on top.

Behavior: Other 2 fish are fine. Isabella has been sluggish for 3 days now. This morning is the first I've noticed the visible findings. I've been watching her looking for findings for these 3 days but couldn't treat her yet until I was able to see something definitive. She eats really well...always the first to the top of the tank to eat as much as possible. When she's not eating she's slowly noddling around the tank, which is unusual for her. She's a hi-energy fishy and normally searches the bottom of the tank and plays tag with the other fish. Usually a very happy fish. Isabella is a pearl scale.

This morning I added Maricide for the maybe-Ick and Maracyn-2 and Maracyn for the maybe-internal infection and to prevent further infection.

The tank was fully cycled about 2 months ago before any of fish were added. So the tank is still fairly new but the water condition has been really pretty good. I've never had ammonia or nitrIte spikes. The .255 ammonia is the highest I get and will usually be gone by the next day or if I do a water change.

My real question is do you think the red parts are an internal infection and how easy is it to get rid of that? I've had great success in the past with getting rid of Ick, but have never had to deal with an internal infection before.

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