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Help Me, Please. I Am Desperate.

Guest vanillagenocide

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Guest vanillagenocide

the last tim ei posted it was on the other board. i have been dealing with rick from goldfishconnection.com sinc eso many people here pointed me in his direction for his meds and such.

i have tried EVERYTHING.

i don't know what else to do or where to go. he has been sick for 1 year now. as soon as one thing clears up, it is another. first it seemed like he had swim bladder and some sort of bacterial infection. so i gave him peas and marycn and medigold. then he got better and then it looked like the swim bladder came back and fin rot began to take hold. and a tumor formed on his back fin. i gave him medigold and bacbath and peas. he seemed a little better.

in the past 2 months he has taken a major turn downhil. the fin rot never really cleared up and one day it started really eating away at his fins... all of them. he has nubs now and his tail is at about 20% if that. he is slightly pineconing and looks like he has fungus all over his fins and some of them look like they were eaten away entirely. he is seperated from his friend, arrow. he is in a floating basket in the same tank per rick.

he is fighting so hard and i am trying so hard to save him. i have been giving him metro med for 3 weeks now. nothing. he gets a little worse everyday. i broke down and bought quick cure. but i thought the package said fungal and parasite infections and i just re-read it and it only says parasite. so i don't know.

he is breaking my heart. he is sucha fighter. he has been sick for 1 year now with only a few days here and there of repreve.

i can't test the water because i put that crap in it and the water is blue.

but i am very vigilant on cleaning it the proper way once a week 20% water change and 1x a month 50% with filter changes, etc. adding salt, etc.

i have had him for 8 years without incident and this was his first bout of illness. the other fish is uneffected, though it now seems he is just beginging a little bit of fin rot.


please help us. i don't knwo where else to turn. :ill:cry1:ill

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:( Hi,if you could possibly try and answer as many of the questions in red as you can,that will keep us from doing alot of guessing. You can still test your water params. Actually,your goldfish looks pretty bad.I personally would try and do a water change to get those Meds out of there until we figure what is going on.He may be too week for those.
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Guest vanillagenocide

he is in a 20 gallon tank. with one other goldy. rick thinks the one is sick is a bubble eye/ ranchu/ fantail mix.

i will do a water change a little later today. they are due for the monthly one so i will do a 50% with filter changes.

i have been feeding him metro-med for the past 3 weeks. medicated food for fungal and parasitic infections.

usually, they get pro-gold, brine shrimp, fresh strawberries and cucmbers.

there are no ornimentals in the tank, now as there is little room with the huge floating basket for mr. fishey. :(

his scales have only been like this for 3 days but he began pineconing a few weeks ago. that is when i began the metro-med for mr. fishey.

but his fins have been disappearing for 2 months now. everytime i think they are begining to grow back it comes back with a vengence.

it is him (he is about 4inches long) and arrow... also about 4 inches or just under.

he is still eating, though. i have to help him. even with no fins he would wiggle his body to get to the food but i think now he is so tired/ sore he can't do it as easily. but i have been putting brine shrimp infront of his mouth and he eats them with vigor.

i dunno...

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