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What Are We Looking For When We Buy A Betta?

Black oranda

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Help im so sorry, for bugging every one

again okay well im buying my first betta i want to know

when you buy a betta how will you know

that it's a good fish


*i need help write away im getting my

fish tommorow November 9th Around 10:00 am

please help me!!*

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Look for the ones that come closest to the color and finnage you prefer. Betta should have no visible sign of illness, like ick or anything. Some people prefer a nice color over finnage, some go for beautiful fins. If you go to places like Petsupermarket, they have not even enough water in those bowls for the betta to show his finnage properly, though.... ;)

Just because a betta sits on the bottom , does not neccessarily mean a bad thing. They can handle those terrible conditions they are in with those bowls much longer than any other fish. I have bought bettas looking a bit sad, and they perked right up at home with better water conditions...

Torn fins is not something that keeps me from buying a betta, if the color is really pretty, the fin heal with time. He might just be a bit more stressed out and gotten into the compartment of some other betta.

There are so many betta types to choose from - veiltails (that are the most common ones with those long flowing fins), double tails, crowned tails (my favorite), delta tails. Most chains just carry the veils and some double tails once in a whie, but if you go to a store that has fish only, you get a better chance of finding those other types....

Good luck betta shopping! You just gave me an idea......Bad! Bad influence! :rofl

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Thanks so mutch Adrea i should be going

some time around 3:00 pm i can't wait

im going to be buying s few plastic plants

while im there and a rock for some good


<_< I hate it when ever i go to the petshop

to buy a goldifsh i always see bettas in

plastic bags hang up on a wall i fell

so bad for the, so i just diceided 5 days ago to set back

up my 5 gal for a betta

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I heard that tank dividers arn't good

for bettas

because they get really mad at each other

and they flar and this can be really

tiering for them plus when

one fish is sick the chances of the other

one getting sick is like 9 to 10

but i thank you so mutch for helping me now im getting 2

bettas i can't wait i should be getting

them soon


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