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Reddish Color On Belly And Left Gill

Guest mygoldfish

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Guest mygoldfish

ph is about 7.5 to 7.0

ammonia is 0

nitrite is o

nitrate is under 40

I have a goldfish "Bubba" and he is in a 10 gallon tank by himself with a Aqua-Tech filter. I vacuum and change 1/3 of the water every week. I change the filter about every other week depending on how bad it is. His food had been Nutrafin max but the store is constantly out so I switched to Bio-Blend this past feb. Instead of pebbles at the bottom of the tank I have river rocks.

I noticed last night that Bubba was sitting on the bottom of the tank and this afternoon I noticed red coloring on his belly and on his left gill. I was getting ready to boil him a pea so I'm not sure about his eating.

Please help me help me!


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Hi and thanks for providing all the information asked. It helps us tremdeously with our advice.

Since your water looks good that will aid in his helping his immune system fight what is usually an internal bacterial infection.

A red abdomen indicates this. Unfortunetly the usual treatment is injectable antibotics given by a vet or you if you have a good relationship with your vet. I can explain this further if you need.

If there is no way of doing this the next best thing you can do is get a medicated food like Metromed or Medigold from Rick at Goldfish connection (online) and treat the fish for several weeks in hopes that the fish is strong enough to fight it off with the assistance of the med food.

Once again this usually isn't a good thing to have or treat so you will need to make sure the fish isn't suffering alot. If left untreated it could easily turn into septicimia and is usually fatal.

Sorry to give you such bad news and really you can try and treat the fish sometimes you get lucky if the fish is a fighter.

Post back soon.

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