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New Baby Pics!


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Here's a update on the tank group, and some new baby's too! Fry in the stock tank, Butterfly koi in pond! :D

Looks like Sanke and last count prevailed around 20 butterfly koi...


A new Shebunkin baby in the stock tank. I seem to have several white ones!


And Finally, here's a update on the first few we found. They are growing and will be moved to a 35 gl soon.


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:rofl If I kept all these Shebunkin Fry I'd be building a second pond out back! :blink: I have three places in mind that may take some. A few have already been promised new homes come spring.

Going to keep one or two of the butterfly baby's though.

The older Sheb fry are eating sinking crumbles well though. The tiny ones in stock tank are getting first bites and the koi are eating crumbles already also.

I've no clue how many in the stock tank as of yet. Will be moving it into the garage for winter, so will get a count when I remove them for moving day.

Anyone is Oregon need any fry? :rofl

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Cool, Kathy - so many nice butterfly!! The parents of the shubi fry, were they both shubis? How many of the fry actually turn out calico? I know the ratio is less than 50%, roughly anyway...

Have you tried contacting any local koi/goldfish club?

Here is one... http://www.oregonkws.org/default.asp

....or this one....


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Not yet Ranchu. I was thinking spring when they have a bit of size. Thought I'd inquire with my koi dealer as he handles goldies also.

Out of the first 7, 2 are silver, 1 is white w/diamond scaleing and the other 4 all colored out. The mom is a pond comet though, both males are Shebunkin. They are leaning to the Shebunkin side. One I particularly like is Gold with black speckling and metalics.

So far with the Butterfly Koi, I seem to have more color, but the smaller darker ones can turn. You just never know until they get up a bit what those ones do,lol! I'm seeing a lot of Sanke markings in that lot.

I'll check out the links, thank you! I know of a couple of clubs, but they are not close. Might find one closer :D

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