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I know it's will be a looong time before my goldies will breed (they're still juveniles now), but i wanna know if my "plan" on spawning them is good when the time comes. so comments are very much appreciated :D .

My plan is :


Put a pair (male & female) or 3 fish (one male & 2 females) of goldies i wanna breed in a breeding tank of their own with already cycled water, airstone, sponge filter & breeding mops/plants. females & the male are separated by a net or sumtin like that. feed them high-protein food for a week or two until the female is full of eggs, then gradually raise the temperature to induce spawning behaviour. once spawning behaviour is observed, lift the separator net to allow the goldies to mate.


Feed high-protein food for a week or two in their original tank, wait till the females are full of eggs, then raise the temp gradually to induce spawning behaviour. once spawning behaviour is observed, move the desired male & female pairing into a ready breeding tank (cycled. aerated, sponge filter, with breeding mops/plants) and let them mate.


Once the eggs are fertilized, get the parents out of the breeding tank into their original tank, leaving the eggs in the breeding tank. Put a dose of methylene blue into the breeding tank (which now has become a fry tank) to prevent fungus. Remove the unfertilized eggs as best as i can. Let the eggs hatch, wait for a few days until fries are free swimming, then feed them crushed pellets and egg yolk (maybe brine shrimp or daphnia if i can get my hands on them).


Haven't thought about what to do next yet :lol: but any comments/advice about the previous 2 steps are greatly appreciated.

PS : i wanna choose the breeding parents (e.g. ranchu with ranchu, fantail with fantail), not just some wild cross-spawning action :rolleyes:

cheers & thx

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It sounds like a very comprehensive and workable plan.

The methylene blue may not be needed. It may knock out the immune system of fry. Perhaps you should wait to see if egg fungus becomes a problem before resorting to meth blue.

You'll also need some plants and to let a bit of algae grow so the hatchlings have something to eat in the first couple of days after they consume the egg sack and before you start the liquid fry food.

You'll need white buckets for after the first week or so when you start waterchanges, so you can see the fry and fish them back out of the bucket.

You are infinitely more prepared than I was, when I found a pile of eggs sitting on my paving (dog playing with pond plants) and decided to save them. THey started out life in the punchbowl!

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awww@ punchbowl... :D

I agree that you want to have plants in the tank from the beginning of the set up so that algea can start growing on it. It's amazing how important it it so have algae for the fry to nibble on. I remember seeing the fry constantly nibbling on the plant leaves in my tank.

I think that your plan is well thought out and very feasible...I would say have the parents together

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that will be cool to do, but it might cause a lot of temperate changes....what you might be able to do is get a small fish bowl and put cycled water and plants in there and replace the water every time you change tank wanter and place that in the sun to promote growth or just take a plant out of your regular tank that is established and put it in there for the fry when it's time

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Guest kscoleman

I have plastic plants in my tanks and they get full of algae since I have my lights on 16-18 hours a day. B) They are easy to move when you want to start up a new tank. My fry do eat off the plants but when they first hatched they seemed to gravitate toward the back wall of the tank where I allow the algae to grow. Good Luck!

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