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Guest dragonfly

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Guest dragonfly

Help! I have a 6 yr. old fantail that has Dropsy, I think. The tank is a 5 gal. tank. The filter is an Aquatec 5-15. Ammonia level 0. ph 7.8 nitrates ? nitrites ? It has been running for 6 yrs. The fish is the only one in the tank. It had septicemia and I treated with Marycin II. Then it got Dropsy. I used epsom salts -1/8 tsp. per 5 gal. of water. Water changes 25% per week and use Cycle with each water change. It is not pineconed any more but the skin on its head is bloated and shows no sign of deflating (?). The fish is not swimming very much and I have been feeding it by putting the flake food right in front of its mouth. All of this has happened in the last month and a half. Could someone please help my fish!

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HI and welcome to the site. I am sorry to hear your fish isn't well.

The first thing you need to do is check for nitrites and nitrates. Water quality is the most important thing to help him.

Also how long has he been swollen?

Is he still eating?

Is there meds in the tank now?

I will advise you that the tank isn't big enough for a gf, fancy gf need 10 gals each and commons need 20 gal each. THis is because they produce alot of waste that makes them very ill. Not to mention stunting them.

Please try and describe what is happening more, it gives us a better indication of what could be going on. Thanks.

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