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New Fish Isn't Doing Well :(

Guest keikei

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help! harold, my new red cap oranda (had just over a week) is sick! i came home today and he was staying at the top of the tank in a corner, behind the filter housing. he's one of two small (1" body length approx.) orandas i purchased at a reputable fish store last week and the other one (kumar) is doing fine. the tank is about 3 gallons w/an eclipse carbon filter + biowheel...waay too small, i know :( i'm looking into getting them a bigger one once they get bigger.

harold had a small piece of what appeared to be a skinny bit of plant stuck in his right gill, and another piece of it stuck between his rear tail fins, and he is not swimming very strongly at all. i quickly scooped him out into a smaller container (which had never contained anything aside from water, and was rinsed very well with hot water, then filled with tank water) and pulled both pieces of debris off him as gently as i could. the bit on his tail seemed to be more stuck than the one in his gill, and i was unable to keep the pieces i removed from falling back into the tank when i put him back in. that may have been a bad mistake, in retrospect....

he doesn't look alert and doesn't want to eat anything. for the most part he will just hide behind something and float there, breathing rather quickly. he tends to be unsteady and jerky and when he's floating sometimes he goes into a partial headstand, then rights himself. he also seems to be tipping to the side when he's floating. he's holding his fins close to his body and his movements are jerky.... :( he also appears to be missing a couple of scales near the base of his tail. is it a rash? a disease?

please help me save my poor harold!

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Guest Chishower

The bits you pulled off sound like anchor worms. Can you describe them better.

I think poor water quality is the problem, along with those anchor woms...if that indeed is what they are. Can you do large (50%) water changes every day until you can get a larger tank? You need one in the 20 gallon range for those two fish.

Do you have any test kits? Or any place where you can get your water tested? What dechlorinator do you use?

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-i haven't got a water test kit, but i have added water conditioner (aquarium pharmaceuticals tap water conditioner)

-tank has been running for a little under a week without fish, a week with fish

-have not performed water change yet but have treated water on standby (enough for approx. 30% water change)

-have added marineland labs bio-coat to tank

-fish are fed small amt. of hikari goldfish bio-gold pellets 2x daily, soaked in water for 2 mins before feeding

-two small orandas; they are each a little over 1" long, not counting tail fins.

-3 gal eclipse tank w/biowheel filter and carbon filter (came with tank assembly)

-have noticed another small growth on the head of my red cap oranda. it appears to be a thin, transparent growth. it doesn't move. it's about 1/2 cm long and is slightly forked at the end.

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  • Regular Member

Hi and welcome

Can you please answer as many questions in the red box.

This is important otherwise its a guessing game.

If you do not have test kits then take a sample of water to your local pet/fish shop

ask ethem to test it (its free) also aske them to write down the actual numbers...dont let them just say "its ok or not ok" we need the numbers.

As you already acknowledged your tank is to small I wont lecture you, need 10 gal per fancy fish.

I suspect first off a water quality issue but without test results we cant know fo sure.

Also do you have airation?

Post back soon please.

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i answered as many as i could in the second post i made, at 7:42 PM :( right now i can't get to a pet store, they've all closed by now. i don't have aeration; the biowheel makes a bit of a trickle at the top but that's about it. i have a small pump and air stone but can't get to them right now, as they're at my mum's place and dad isn't too keen on the idea of driving me over to get it :(

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OK thanks for answering, sorry I must have been typing my reply while you were typing... I had the page up for ages as at the same time Im doing waterchanges in 3 tanks, so it took a while for me to hit the reply button.

Ok as soon as you can.... do as Chishower and do the waterchange.

We normally recomend weekly changes regarding if the water "looks clear" what we see my look good but most water probs can not been seen.

As for the airstone, as soon as you can (beg your dad) get that in there.

If the tank has only been runing two weeks (one week no fish one week with fish) then its not cycled yet so without frequent waterchanges you may be having probs with the levels as it should now start to cycle

Amonia should be present now, it has no smell, and you cant see it, so this could be part of the water problem

again.... I understand you cant get to a shop now to test it

so... grab a sample of the water before the waterchange now

save it

Then do the water change so your fish are hopefully safe for now as we can not determine the levels

take a 2nd sample after the change and save it awell

then when you get to the shop

give both samples

post us both results

that way we can see what the fish "was" living in

and we can also see what they are now living in and if it has improved or if more changes needed.

Hope that made sense!

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