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Water Chemistry Questions


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I have had my tank since August 14th. The tank was not cycled before adding fish. I currently have one goldfish in the tank. I have been testing the water everyday and also changing the water 50% almost daily. Here are my parameters:

Ph: 8.0

Ammonia: 4.0

Nitrite: 0

Nitrate 5-10

I have also been salting the tank.

I was using amlock but have decided to discontinue so I can get a better reading on the ammonia.

My tap water parameters are:

Ph: 7.2-7.4

Nitrates 5-10

Ammonia & Nitrites: 0

My question is why do I have such a difference in ph even after water changes and why do I have Nitrates from the tap and should I do anything about it?

I am on vacation this week so I am trying to get this all straightened out before going back to work next week.


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You could try drawing up some tap water and then letting it sit with a bubbler in it for 24 hours and then test again to see if pH increases. If it does, then there's carbon dioxide in the tap water that gasses out over time.

Also, some carbons increase pH.

You should be done with the ammonia phase by now, so I'd bet it is the ammolock causing the ammonia readings. How long's it been since you had nitrIte showing?

Naw, it's common for tap water to contain nitrAte. Wouldn't worry about it.

So how big's the tank?

What kinda filter?

and how do you maintain the filter?

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I have had no nitrites as of yet. I have a 10 gallon with HOB filter. I have not touched the filter yet, as I don't want to disrupt the colonization. I did add carbon to the filter last week though. Could this be why I am getting a higher ph reading from the tank?

After I did a 50% water change last night ammonia was down to 1 and ph was around 7.4-7.6 in tank. I will check again this morning to see what I have.

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