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Moor Ill

Guest Chishower

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Guest Chishower

Mmmk...I have the WORST luck. I picked out the most active and healtyest looking moor in the tank, you think he would be ok, right? Wrong. He is lying in the corner with all his fins clamed exept his dorsal (which flops over on one side....) and he was fine at the store and in his acclimation bucket. I suspect parasites.

Ammonia: 0ppm

Nitrites: 0ppm

Nitrates: 80+, its hard to tell

pH: 7.7

pH from tap: 7.73

Tank: 55 gallons for about a month.

Filters: Aqua-Tech 30-60, and 10-20 (just added it, need it cycled for dads tropical tank), pengine 150b

water changes: 10% every other day to keep the bottom clean, and then 25-30% once a week, in this case last night.

Fish: 4 inch comet, 2 inch red capped oranda, 4 inch moor, 1 inch short tailed ryukin, 6 brigs and a cana.

additives: Prime, Kents liquid calcium, and kents liquid iodine.

New fish: Moor and Ryukin added today.

Food: Wardlys pellets, peas, zuchinni, tubifex worms, blood worms, algea wafers and Krill

Unusuall findings: none

Unusual behavior: moor bottom sitting with clamped fins, sometimes swims a bit with fins still clamped.

HOw the heck are those nitrates so high? With all those water changes? I am going to retest soon just in case I added an extra drop or something. I added a little extra prime to help with that. Could they be the problem? Or could they be making something worse? Arg, this is so discouraging.

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Hm, lets see whats going on here....

You had 2 fish and the snails, and then added the moor and the ryukin, correct? Since the fish count basically doubled with the two new ones, it could very well be a little water issue going on. That would explain the nitrates going up. The beneficial bacteria takes a bit to multiply to a number where it can handle the two new fish. It doesn't just happen overnight, a few days to up to a week, I would say.

It also might be that the moor is a bit more sensitive to pH issues, and might have had a higher pH in the pet store. I am not so sure about the parasites - if he would have brought them with him from the store, he would have looked depressed in the store already.

Did you do the water change before you put the new fish in, or after?

I would definetely do another water change, and then add salt to the tank. Whatever is bugging the little fellow (well, not so little actually), salt will definetely be a plus. And if its parasites, salt will do the trick as well. Except of course if its flukes, but lets see first if the moor improves upon putting the salt in the water.

Its 1 teaspoon per gl, dissolved in a bit of tank water first, that brings it up to 0.1%. Do the same dosage again after 12 hours, then again after 12 hours.

Lets see how that goes... :)

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Guest Chishower

I think it was just a bad case of 'new tank syndrome', thank god.

I did the water change a good hour before the new fish went in. I have salted to .1%, will go up to .2% after I do another good water change and find someplace to put all those snails and the pleco! Thats going to be a chore in itself!

He looks much better today! Swimming more with his fins generally out, although his dorsal fin still flops over..its cute. The Ryukin is also doing great, but his tail is so short he has to wiggle his whole body! He is only about an inch long, but he already put my big comet in his place...bug wont go near the moor, either.

Whee....off to change more water...our poor water bill! :rofl

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