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Goldfish Diet


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So I've had my goldfish for 3 years and until I found this site about 6 weeks ago, I've fed her only flakes. (GASP!)

Now I know she needs more variety so I was wondering how this looks:

Day 1: Pellets (I've switched to ProGold since so many seem to like it here.)

Day 2: Pellets and peas

Day 3: Pellets

Day 4: Pellets and peas

Day 5: Pellets and a treat (spirulina, daphnia, blood worms, brine shrimp, etc)

Day 6: Fast

Day 7: Peas and spirulina (or some other kind of fiber)

Water change

Also, on the days I feed only pellets, is it ok to feed them twice a day as long as I don't over do it? And on the days I feed pellets and something else, I do the pellets in the morning and the something else in the evening.

Does this look ok or am I over/under doing some parts of a well-balanced goldfish diet?

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Looks good to me. :yeah: On day 4, how I do it is feed the peas in the morning. Then, feed pellets in the evening, that way before you feed them pellets that day, they get cleared out before feeding them the next meal. Once a week fasting is good and after the fasting.. feed them greens.. I read somewhere that it's good to do that but I don't remember why it's good to do so. Not trying to be smart or anything but I learned alot of things from reading posts... :)

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