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Question About Veggi Clip

Guest JustJayde

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Guest JustJayde

I don't eat a lot of the foods I have seen listed as safe for fishie in the veggi clip and can not afford to buy special things for his snack other than the gel food I make.

On hand at any given time I have the following veggies



Romaine lettuce (iceberg... which is crisper)




Sometimes cucumber

So, what of the previous foods can he have? (please don't list ones that are not there... my budget is tight and if I don't eat it , it's for a reason and I can not afford to buy it just for him :( )

I know to cook foods for him also ;)

(his gel food has all kinds of veggies and tuna and vitamins etc and he gets it often)

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Guest Sacreligioushippie

Hi there.

From what I've been told, romaine & carrots are fine. Some will each oranges too. My goldies are picky. They'll eat their food & peas, that's it. I remembering reading somewhere that iceberg is a no-no, but I might be misinformed. Hopefully, your fish will like romaine & carrots.

~ Jessica

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  • Regular Member

I have read a few folks here give their fish broccoli, however they report it is quite messy. I am sure cauliflower is fine, but someone may want to verify that.

Tomatos are fine; remove the seeds and the skin - just give them the meaty part.

The romain is great - I have read some folks blanch it, others freeze it for a bit before serving.

I have carrots in my gel food.

Don't know anything about the mushroom. Again, someone may be able to offer advice on that.

Cucumber can be served like the other veggies; blanch it first. If you can get your hands on zucchini that would be even better - more vitamins.

It sounds like you got a great gel food already for your little ones...you're already on the right track! :D

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Guest JustJayde

Thankies for the replies so far! :)

I cooked a carrot slice and hung it in there today... took him a while to check it out but when he did he was happy as a little fishie can possibly be.

He has nibbled at it for the last hour or 2........ and when he isn't nibbling the carrot he is sucking the air bubbles off the clip.

It's cute, looks like he is smoking when he blows all the itty bitty bubbles out his mouth that he sucks off the clip lol

broccoli I will skip if it is messy.

Tomato is added to his allowed list :D

*waits to hear more on mushroom and iceberg..... (I refuse to eat romaine myself so I can't buy it just for him.. hate zucchini also )

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I don't why anybody would think broccoli is messy, unless they tried feeding that mushy frozen stuff.

My goldfish get fed fresh broccoli at least twice a week, they love it, and it's not any messier than feeding any other kind of veggies.

I just break off a small stem from the head of broccoli, nuke it for 45 seconds to a minute in some tank water, put the stem end in the veggie clip, and watch my goldfish fight over who gets the next bite.

My goldfish didn't like cauliflower, they couldn't seem to be able to bite off a piece to eat. It would probably be OK if it was cut up into little pieces.

Iceberg head lettuce is fine for the goldfish to eat, there just isn't much nutritional value in it.

I haven't tried mushroom, but I do know they have very little nutritional value.


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